PEX is a highly flexible pipe that is both durable and non-toxic and is used in plumbing, radiant heating and cooling, hydronic heating and cooling and in fire sprinkler systems. PEX is used worldwide and is installed for heating, cooling, plumbing and fire safety systems.

Uponor PEX plumbing systems have been in service since 1993 and through the use of flexible PEX piping and innovative expansion fittings, the system creates a solution that minimizes connections, resists corrosion and scaling while offering a great deal of resilience in freezing conditions. There are three different manufacturing methods for producing crosslinked PEX and each of them present varying degrees of this aspect. Each one creates a different percentage and the higher the crosslinking, the more flexible and durable the piping will be. Crosslinking refers to the molecular bond found inside the pipe. A higher and more uniform crosslinking will provide you with a more durable pipe that is flexible and damage-resistant. It will also provide you with stronger expansion connections that hold tight.

Uponor PEX plumbing systems offer different pipe sizes and fittings which are available in sizes up to 3”. This particular plumbing system is covered by a warranty, so you will have protection and peace of mind. It is covered by a 25 year transferable limited warranty. The system has undergone extensive testing and samples have gone through continuous hydrostatic tests at extreme temperatures and pressures for three decades to ensure Uponor PEX is both safe and efficient. After all of these tests were completed, it was confirmed that not a single piece of the system experienced any breakdowns or failure.

Its bend radius is six times the outside diameter of the pipe and Uponor PEX is manufactured and installed to specific building codes, standards and listings, so you need to refer to their codes specifically. Uponor AquaPEX pipe and ProPEX fittings can be used in a variety of plumbing applications, including underground, risers, mains, and in-suite and graywater applications.

Uponor also has ProPEX water meter fittings and valves for water meter connections and also offers a comprehensive line of lead-free brass press fittings, sweat fittings, threaded fittings, stub-outs, valves and wall boxes, all of which meet lead-level criteria. Uponor PEX pipe products do not contain any lead and are approved for direct burial in soil and concrete. You can use pre-sleeved Uponor AquaPEX pipe for faster and easier installations as the corrugated sleeve provides added protection for installations in soil and concrete slabs.

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