Most homeowners tend not to put much thought in their plumbing. After all, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ It’s only when you are experiencing problems that you take a closer look at things. Do you know what kind of plumbing is hidden behind your own drywall? Do you know whether you have metallic pipes or Poly B pipes? If you do have Poly B pipes, you might be having troubles with your piping by now.

What is Poly B Plumbing?

Poly B, or Polybutylene, was a very popular option for home plumbing systems in the early ‘70s to ‘90s. Poly B pipes were installed extensively in homes all across North America, and at the time, many plumbers thought it was a great alternative to metallic pipes because it was flexible, easy to install and cheaper than copper.

Unfortunately, during the ‘80s Poly B pipes were found to be faulty and were the culprit of many sprung leaks at the time. Not only that, but most of the houses that had Poly B piping were so leaky that they also started to develop mould.

Problems with Poly B Piping

Although it is possible that some homes did not experience the same problems as the majority with Poly B piping, it was discontinued for a reason. Over time, Poly B has been the culprit of long term damage in many homes.

If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues, it may be because you have Poly B plumbing in your home.

  • Fittings that are prone to cracking, causing leaks over time. Or fittings that are too tight, causing pipes to crack.
  • Pipes that are prone to damage because of water pressure and heat.
  • Chemicals like chlorine degrading the pipes and causing leaks that way.

Replacement Pipe Costs for Poly B

Many factors go into determining how much exactly it would cost each home and homeowner to have their Poly B pipes replaced. Such as materials, labour, interior access, size of your house, number of bathrooms and how much drywall you need. Since plumbing is so pervasive throughout the home, the process is always going to be very invasive. However, expert plumbers have found ways to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

But in general, the replacement costs are not cheap. Be sure to contact your local plumbers in Burnaby, BC, at Wonderflow Plumbing Solutions for an expert’s advice and quote.

Selling Your Home with Poly B Pipes

Replacing your Poly B to something better equipped at actually handling the plumbing could be the difference between a quick sale or having a home on the market for months. Insurance companies have been averse towards houses which have Poly B piping. Many of them have informed homeowners that they will not offer insurance on Poly B pipes, or that it comes with a huge premium. If you try to sell a home with Poly B, the buyer will often negotiate 20 to 30 thousand dollars off the asking price because dealing with Poly B is such a hassle.

If your home has Poly B piping and you have any questions about replacements, or if you wanted to consult with a licensed plumbing professional, contact Wonderflow Plumbing Solution today.