Repiping is the procedure of replacing an old or faulty pipe – potentially the piping in your whole house – with new pipes. Sometimes it is only one length of pipe, but in some cases, a repiping can be found to be beneficial if the pipes in the entire house are replaced.

Before you get a repiping, you will need to know what the signs are that indicate a repiping is the right solution for you. This can, of course, be quite difficult because your plumbing is hidden behind drywall and in crawl spaces. If you notice any of these signs, please contact Wonderflow Plumbing Solutions for professional Burnaby, BC, plumbing services.

Here are some guidelines you can follow in order to determine whether or not you would need a repipe:

Top Five Signs You May Need A Repipe

Low Or Unbalanced Water Pressure
If you experience low or unbalanced water pressure when using your water, this could be a sign of severely corroded metallic pipes. When corrosion is allowed to build up within the interior of the pipe, water output is severely reduced to sinks, showers, etc.

Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
Corrosion is also the culprit here. Hot water pipes tend to go faster than cold water pipes. When the corrosion builds up enough, it can affect the thermometers or anti-scalding devices within sinks or tubs and showers. This prevents these devices from working as they were designed to.

Discoloured Water
Brown, red or yellow water coming out of your faucets is a sign of rust or sediment build up in your pipes and repiping might be necessary to fix it. Never assume that discoloured water is normal or safe to use. Get an experienced plumber to find and repair the source of water discolouration.

If it seems like you are constantly dealing with leaks and leaky pipes, this is not normal, especially if your home is more than 20 years old. Recurring minor leaks are typically the number one sign your home needs a repiping and can be an indicator that your plumbing system could be on the brink of collapse.

Loud Pipes
Pipes and other plumbing fixtures are designed to be quiet, not noisy. If you are experiencing loud noises coming from the pipes in your home, this is an indication you might need repiping. The main cause is variances in pressure within the pipes, that can produce sounds like clicks, moans, screeches and thuds.

Random signs and noises are easy to overlook when it comes to your plumbing system. As the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind!” but this shouldn’t be the case. Don’t ignore the messages your pipes are trying to send you! If you are experiencing any symptoms of what was mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact expert plumbers at Wonderflow Plumbing Solutions in Burnaby, BC, for all your plumbing needs.